FlatCon 2017 - Presented by Gamers for Life - Oct. 20 - 22, 2017!

Sponsored by: Red Raccoon Games

FlatCon 2016 is Over! Check out what we did on the Full Event Schedule on Warhorn and Check Out the Special Events Page

A Little History...

FlatCon was started in 2000 by David Ross and Aaron Isaac (with tons of help from their friends and the local gaming community). At that time, Bloomington was lucky enough to have two game stores and the first show was held on a single day (November 4th) concurrently at Adventureland and Cyberia: The Gamers Haven.

In 2001, the show moved to the campus of Illinois Wesleyan University and the guest of honor that year was none other than the All Father of Gaming, Gary Gygax. The following year, 2002, is affectionately remembered as “SweatCon” because the air condition in the student center malfunctioned. Wesleyan hosted the show until our numbers outgrew the space available and it moved to the Interstate Center in 2005 where it has been ever since.

By 2011 the original showrunners had turned prematurely grey from running a con for eleven years, and they decided to retire so they could actually play games again. It was time for a new group of showrunners to take the reins and in stepped the Gamers for Life. The GFL gents had already participated in the show for several years by sponsoring events to raise funds for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Now each year the Gamers for Life donate FlatCon’s proceeds to a team in Bloomington’s Relay via the Gamers For Life Relay for Life team. FlatCon 2015 donated $3,000 to Relay For Life last year! By attending the show, gamers are helping to score a critical hit against cancer.

Every year, hundreds of gamers from near and far gather at FlatCon for, as we say, "Three Days of Dice-Rollin', Mini-Bashin', Nacho-Eatin', Friend-Fraggin', Gaming Fun!" We play a multitude of games including board games, RPGs including Pathfinder organized play, miniature games like Warhammer, Star Wars minis, and historical minis, "homebrew" games, and many more. FlatCons past have also featured charity auctions, a giant Risk globe almost six feet tall, visits from the stormtroopers of the 501st Legion, our Vendor Area, and other "extras" on top of our three days of gaming goodness!

The Present

FlatCon will be at it again for our seventeenth anniversary this year, October 21-23! Player/Attendee Registration and Vendor Registration are now open as well as Event Submission.

What's New for 2016

The biggest thing we are adding this year is actually the return of an "old friend," our Over The Top contest! OTT events in FlatCons past were homemade game events that were extraordinary, outlandish, gorgeous and, most of all, ridiculous amounts of fun! giant space station battle An OTT event might have been a giant Death Star or RISK global map, space combat on a space station model over 6 feet across, giant Star Wars battles on Hoth, or an epic Starship Troopers battle on a multilevel, homemade chuck of planet! One of FlatCon's "Father-Creators," Aaron Isaac, is returning to head up the contest and we are very excited. Contest details are in development, but be thinking about your Over The Top game ideas!

Another returning old friend is the Charity Raffle! Attendees can purchase raffle tickets which can be used on various game lots for chances to win each lot: the more tickets in a lot, the greater your chances to win it! We have acquired some cool game donations for this year's raffle and more are coming in all the time.

What's Still the Same

The fun, games, and "scoring a crit on cancer!" None of the things that make FlatCon great are changing. This also includes attendee and venodr fees! Pre-registragtion prices for attending are not rising! Unlike the rest of your costs of living, FlatCon is keeping pre-registration fees the same as they have been since 2013:

  • All weekend = $25
  • Friday only = $10
  • Saturday only = $15
  • Sunday only = $10

On-site registration during the con will be $5.00 higher.

Other Info and Contacts:

Here's a quick list of helpful FlatCon information links:

Got a question about FlatCon? Can't find information you need? Just shoot us an email at: FlatConBlm@gmail.com or post a message on our Facebook page or our Twitter account.