FlatCon 2017 - Presented by Gamers for Life - Oct. 20 - 22, 2017!

Sponsored by: Red Raccoon Games

FlatCon 2016 is Over! Check out what we did on the Full Event Schedule on Warhorn and Check Out the Special Events Page

The Official FlatCon 2016 Costume Contest

We had an great turnout for our third annual costume! Take a look at the great costumes we had below! The winner received a gift card from Red Raccoon Games!

2016 Costume Contest Entries


empty jedi robe and light saber on the ground

Sole Survivors from Fallout 4

Man and woman dressed as sole survivor

King Bob from Minions

Man dressed as the minion King Bob

A Fairy Pirate-ess

woman in pirate outfit with fairy wings

Young Fantasy Warrior

boy dressed as warrior with cape and sword and small, stuffed animal next to him

Super Secret Agent

woman in khaki secret agent uniform with floppy disk of secret info

House Slytherin Student

woman dressed as a Hogwartz student of House Slytherin

The Masked Noble

man in black cape, hat and mask with long pointed nose

Aguilar from Assasin's Creed

boy dressed as Aguilar from Assasin's Creed

The Halloween Kids

3 small kids dressed as a pirate, with, and little devil

The Princess Bride

Couple dressed as Buttercup and Dread Pirate Roberts

The Winner Was....

Steampunk Captain!

Lady in Steampunk Captain costume